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Listen to Marty Robbins on Spotify. Among other achievements, Ralph achieved notoriety with his brother Carter in their group The Stanley Brothers, and he continued to tour under the name after his brother's death in Listen to Ralph Stanley on Spotify. With friends ranging from Willie Nelson to Patsy Cline, West will always be remembered for her duets with another famous friend: Kenny Rogers. Listen to Dottie West on Spotify. Listen to George Jones on Spotify. Sadly, he passed away in January after battling pancreatic cancer, just two days after his 61st birthday.

Listen to Greg Trooper on Spotify. Born in Oklahoma, the singer became a regular at the Grand Ole Opry for more than 60 years, recording a diverse array of honky tonk hits sure to make you smile.

Blake Shelton - God's Country (Official Music Video)

Listen to Jean Shepard on Spotify. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. Patsy Cline. Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Merle Haggard. Joey Feek. Hank Williams. His parents, of course, liked it.

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And when he played it for a few classmates at junior college, they liked it, too. HARDY started playing it at parties and creating a little buzz, though it was the only song he knew. That spurred him to write a few more. When he heard Eric Church's "Homeboy," HARDY realized that rock had found a new home in country music, and it created a deeper appreciation for the genre, which had always been there in the background in Philadelphia.

Some Feats

Beginning in January , he was a frequent sidekick on tour, writing with them on their bus during the day before their concerts. The release provides a strong base point for HARDY as an artist, representative of the hard-edged music, the easy-going people and the slow-changing nature of the world at the heart of a rural community.

But it's just a starting point, a place to launch an artist whose combination of country imagery, Southern rock sounds and blue-collar vocals is intrinsically relatable. I don't want to scare anybody off, but we'll give a taste here and there and hopefully by the end it will be a well-rounded sound.


Tour Dates. About The sound is big. His childhood was also shaped by his spinal condition, spina bifida, which set him apart from other kids his age and fostered a sense of separation from the world around him. The world he seemed to identify most with was the musical sounds that poured out of the radio and emanated from church choirs. A quick study, Williams learned how to play folk, country and, thanks to an African-American street musician named Rufus Payne, the blues.

By the time he'd moved with his mother to Montgomery in , Williams' music career was already in motion.

Revisiting the Songs of Summer

Picking up the guitar for the first time at the age of eight, Williams was just 13 when he made his radio debut. A year later he was entering talent shows and had his own band, Hank Williams and his Drifting Cowboys. In full support of Williams' musical aspirations was his mother, Lillie. She drove her son and his band to shows throughout southern Alabama.

List of Hot Country Singles number ones of 1986

By the early s, he'd caught the attention of music executives in Nashville. But coupled with Williams' obvious talents as a singer and songwriter was an increasing dependence on alcohol, which he'd started abusing in order to relieve his sometimes excruciating back pain. As a result, he was not considered a reliable performer. Williams' personal life took a major turn in when he met Audrey Mae Sheppard, who was the mother of a young daughter and had only recently left a messy marriage. Under Williams' guidance, Sheppard started playing bass and began performing in his band.

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Williams and Sheppard married in They had a son together, Hank Williams Jr. Sheppard, it seems, was extremely eager to make a mark in show business and, despite her obviously limited talent, pushed her husband to let her sing. In addition, her relationship with Williams' mom proved complicated.

The two were often rivals for Williams' time and attention. What began with Williams writing material for singer Molly O'Day eventually gave way to a record contract with the recently created MGM label. But along with this early success came increased erratic behavior from Williams, who often showed up at live performances drunk.

For a time his relationship with Fred Rose deteriorated, but the two were able to mend fences, paving the way for Williams to become a regular on the "Louisiana Hayride," a regular Saturday night performance hosted by a radio station in Shreveport. The performances greatly increased Williams' name recognition, but he still lacked a number one hit.