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They seek explanation and self-approval, and find meaning in clearing their mind of emotional fog by sorting all those matters of the heart in the right drawers. People born on January 22nd have a task to sort out their emotional states. They are themselves a combination of heart and reason, and this makes it kind of difficult to predict their next move.

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Their heart could get separated from their partner in time, if they rationalize an emotional bond too much out of fear of getting hurt. They could be excellent entrepreneurs, starting their own family business and working on creative things while organizing their time to fit their transitional needs. These individuals are great in detailed analysis, memory games, and they can keep an incredible amount of information in their mind. This affects their skills as traders and salesmen, but they find their soul's desire in communication, writing, driving, and oral presentations held in an intimate atmosphere.

For those born on January 22nd, crystal of healing is seriphos green quartz. It is a stone to help them reclaim the knowledge that they live on a wonderful and quite miraculous planet, feeling gratitude for the Earth and all beings who inhabit it.

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A crystal to show how beautiful life can be, it will trigger the feminine, satisfying and tender energy inside their heart. This is probably the only Aquarius representative in a bunch to tolerate a picture frame as a present for their birthday. Choose something fine, clear, and usable, or give them a memory to hold on to while they search for new adventures.

They need emotion to feel free and your state of heart is to show them what they mean to you no matter the gift. Emotional and free to express their state of heart, they are a joy to be with when they are satisfied with their life choices.

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Compassionate and turned to others, they will take humanitarian work seriously, and care deeply for every individual that finds a place in their life. Self-expression goes slow as they sacrifice their ideas for the wellbeing of the group.

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Be firm and argue and support your viewpoints. They may be flighty - but allow the experimental thinking. Today you may get backing from an unexpected source - and criticism will come from your otherwise loyal supporters. It is important that you do not decide on a specific solution too early in the process. You might change your mind along the way. In spite of your competence and ability to market yourself successfully, someone else might still beat you at the finish line.

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Irritation from one place might follow you - and thereby affect other people in your path who have nothing to do with it. Today you could easily react very strongly and emotionally, unless you stay mindful of your temper and hold yourself back. Today you should not get yourself into anything with far-reaching consequences - unless you are sure that you can cope. Think before you speak. Remember that speech may be silver - but the gold is often found in silence.

You could be feeling a bit emotionally unstable today. Be careful that you do not go and make any premature decisions. You could run into someone with a negative attitude towards everything. Do not play their game - try to stay positive. Today, an interesting opportunity will come your way and even if it is unexpected, you should not hesitate to take it. No persons within a zodiac are the same.

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Birthday Horoscope January 22nd

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